Mary Weguelin 

My background is architecture, where space light and form are a fundamental along with theoretical , compositional and pragmatic design. So unsurprisingly my work is about capturing 3 dimensional geometric space and playing with light and shade cast by layering and the passing of time. The space beyond and through the piece is as important as the object itself. Whilst the pieces are simple the reflections and shadows cast can be complex and multi dimensional. After spending years drawing 2D representations of 3D projects I enjoy the physicality of making the 3D form.

BA Arch. Dip Arch. ARB. RIBA 

Mary Sculpture copy
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Mary 2
Mary 1
Mary art 1
Mary 2 copy
Palimpsest copy
Recent Exhibitions
May/June: Joint Exhibition with David Yearley at Cafe Gallery Alverstoke
Jan:LAYERS - Sticks Gallery Gosport
April:Jack House Gallery Portsmouth
April : Turning the Tide - Explosions Museum Gosport
October : PA at the Edge - Yellow Edge Gallery