Dee McNamara

I am lucky enough to live and work by the sea, a constant source of inspiration.

I have always painted and continue to try new techniques using watercolour , oils, acrylics and anything else that comes to hand.

My current practice revolves around the theme of coastal landscapes, based on the far south-west of Cornwall and my local Stokes Bay.  There is something magical about the boundary between land and sea, between sea and sky. My paintings reference the shifting unpredictability of these boundaries. I work in a way which incorporates elements of chance to mirror the constantly changing effects of the weather and the elements on the landscape. Building on accidentally created marks evokes thoughts of the human traces left by our interaction with the landscape. The process is both additive and reductive – I add layers and scrape them away again, much as the sea ebbs and flows, depositing and washing away.

My paintings are organic and atmospheric, often tenuous, rather than topographical representations. They are a phenomenological response to   being in that landscape, in that moment, with the prevailing light and weather.

Lucien Freud said : ‘Half the point of painting a picture is that you don’t know what will happen’ which is a sentiment that resonates with me and my way of working. I can rarely visualise how a painting will turn out when I start with the blank canvas.

I am also a feltmaker, although this has necessarily taken a bit of a back seat while I complete my Fine Art degree.

Dee McNamara
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