Chris Lewis 

I have always loved and had an interest in art, however it is only fairly recently that I have started to paint. I enjoy painting many different subjects, and love the excitement and challenge of attempting something new. I emply a wide range of painting methods and materials in my work, which are chosen to suit the subject. I use acrylics, oils, watercolours, and collage.

As I live close to the sea, my paintings often explore the coast and reflect my love of everything coastal. I spend a considerable amount of time walking and observing the coast, both locally and in Cornwall. I visit Cornwall quite regularly and I find the vast expanses of sea and sky and the ever changing light and atmosphere an endless source of inspiration.

Treyarnon Blues
Treyarnon Bay
St Michael's Mount
Coastal Blues
Alver Valley
Recent Exhibitions
April : Turning the Tide - Explosions Museum Gosport