Dave Allen 

Dave Allen is from Portsmouth, and was an art teacher and university lecturer who returned to regular painting on retiring a few years ago. 


He works mainly in acrylic on canvas and most of his paintings might be thought of as a certain kind of abstraction, although like many English painters it is a kind of abstraction rooted in landscape and the sea. The latter has been a powerful visual influence on Dave’s life. There is also one series related to his fondness for cricket, with titles taken from Roy Harper’s song “When an Old Cricketer leaves the Crease”


Dave is also a musician and often gives his paintings titles from songs, although these usually appear after the work is finished. Ultimately all the work is about colour, paint and canvas.  

Exhibitions :

2019 : Turning The Tide Exhibition - Explosions Museum Gosport  - April 9th - 13th

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