Ailsa Brims 

I am exploring the voids and liminal spaces in our minds that may feel uncomfortable.   To distract our minds from this, we worry about the past, or are anxious about the future.   Few people connect with the present moment.  But ‘now’ is really all there is. 

Liminal spaces are those that are neither one thing nor another, they are marginal, on the edge, and can be insecure and unstable.   It can be uncomfortable and a dangerous place we are scared to cross, but crossing is transformative, we leave something behind and have a new start.   What is it like to experience liminality?

I work in several media: photography, watercolour, acrylic, electronic, video and digital. 

I believe that we can all live happier, more satisfied lives if we learn to connect with what we are experiencing right now. 

Close your eyes for a minute; within each of us is an endless space - there is nothing, there are no ‘things’ - there are no boundaries.  This space can be peaceful and full of potential - it is the universe within. 

“We exist in space, but space also exists in us” (Gormley, 2015)

I am the ocean
This is a temporary glitch
Out for lunch
Let it go
Rainbow life
Dancing in the garden

Recent Exhibitions

2015-2016 Solo street photography exhibition at Portsmouth Guildhall

2016-Group show, MA Fine Art, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

2017-Finding Peace at Portsmouth Cathedral Solo Exhibition

Jan/Feb:Layers - Sticks Gallery Gosport
April : Jack House Gallery Portsmouth
April : Turning the Tide - Explosions Museum Gosport


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